Most craps players are big fans of the game and enjoy playing, but they want to do with minimal risk. This is perfectly natural; after all, gambling is about winning big and losing small. One way to achieve it is with a clever craps system or strategy.

This article will give you some advice on how to use a simple system so that you can become a star craps player and beat the odds to take home the prize pot. The following tactics will work for any kind of craps game, whether it’s the best casino gambling online or a round at a club table.

Any good Craps game plan must incorporate the following:

  • A solid strategy that you’re comfortable playing with.
  • A familiarity with the game odds and what they mean for you.
  • Focus and drive to see the strategy through to its end point.

Getting to Grips with the Game Plan

You won’t see any of the world’s best football or baseball teams starting a match without a strategy in place. If it’s good enough for them, it is a good idea for you too. If possible, try not to start any serious Craps tournaments before you’ve thought about the best ways to play.

A solid, dependable strategy will help you stay focused and keep you motivated when bets go wrong or unwise moves are made. Make decisions, beforehand, on when you want to bet, how much you want to bet, and what you plan to bet on.

Make the Odds Your Ally

Big winners can give you the odds for any number that is rolled during a game. They know these numbers off by heart and they can use them to skew the round to their advantage. So, for instance, don’t forget that the house starts out on top because the seven is most likely to roll than any other number.

This means that the greater the distance from a seven your number is, the less chance it has of rolling on. Or, to give a more precise example, a two has a one in 36 likelihood of rolling on. Whereas an eight has a much smaller likelihood of five in 36. It should be clear then that bets are best placed on numbers with a greater chance of roll.

The single most important asset when working through a craps game plan is discipline. If you’re going to start strong, end strong too. This means no wavering or dithering. Ride out the moves that don’t go your way and have faith in the system. If you can stay focused, you’re guaranteed to win big and walk away with a smile.