Free slots vs Real slots

Free slots vs Real slots

Free Slots vs Real Slots – No Guts No Glory!

One of the main advantages of playing slots online is that a lot of them are free to play. There are a couple of benefits to being able to play free, one of those is the fact that you can try different slots before you pay. This gives you a chance to settle in, get in your zone, and make sure you’re on a machine that you likegokkasten. Another reason being well, it’s free. Your money is in your pocket.

Free vs Real slots

The Problem

Even with the attraction level of playing free slots somewhere beyond magnetic, and the fact that it helps some, there a few reasons why you may want to avoid free slots.

1. You Can’t Win Real Money – Since the slot machine first came out in the 1800’s one of the main motivations in playing has ben the fact that you may get lucky. If the only thing a slot machine is paying out is more credits, I don’t see how they could be fun. I mean, it’s just wasting time. I could see if you were broke, and just wanted to play to soak up some time, but as far as winning goes, free slots are kind of bland. Free slots give you the “impression” of winning.

2. Playing for Real Money is Way More Exciting.

3. Fake Build Up – Basically, your playing for 2 hours, and have 900 credits. Kind of running in place, and about ready to call it quits, when something remarkable happens. You bet good and somehow ring five WILD at the same time. The game bubbles over with bells and whistles, blinking like mad, and it creates that same rush that tingles down your spine when you win and makes you want do cheer or do a dance… but it doesn’t pay anything. just some numbers. This has gotta be the worst thing in the end because I’ve won. A lot!. I know what that feels like. Do you know how fat that lick would have been on a regular slot? Maaaan!

So, I won’t play unless it’s for real money or prizes, that’s just because if I know I can hit, why not hit? You gotta take the good with the bad with anything in life. The feelings are just kind of flat for a lot of people if you take the prize out of it. I am one of them.

Besides, Look At Some of These Bonuses!


Deposit Bonuses – This is a bonus that becomes available after your welcome bonus expires. Casinos “What is legal? Gambling questions in Colorado” currently are gripping about 7% just out of slots and that profit, they got money to give!
Free Spins! – With Casinos always trying to get new customers, expect to get lots of free spins just by checking out the selection.

Double Rewards – Sometimes they run specials that double your reward points when you win cash as well, fattening the wins. You can cash those in for a buffet, drinks, room, and board, etc.
Weekly Rebate – On average, let’s just say losers are normal in this game. Weekly rebates are nice because they kick back a portion of your losses.

Loyalty Programs – Casinos offer these as extra incentive, and look, some royalties are pretty lucrative. Just look around. The idea is to rack up points playing like you normally would, and cash out when you get a nice lick from it.


So, once you know about the benefits or actually winning, along with royalty points, bonuses, free spins and all that, it won’t really feel the same to see 10,000 points flashing on the board…. because those lights… are all you get. Seriously, I would rather have 1 credit in real cash, than 50,000 bright lights worth nothing. In fact, if you are like me and most people I’ve met that like the highs and lows of taking the risks, free slots will never interest you. They just don’t feel the same. It’s like fishing with an empty hook.

Another thing is playing free slots might burn you out on it, because its easy to get stuck doing it, and also it could make you a thoughtless player if you ever forget and your betting). That would not be good.

Betting with real money also makes you a smarter player. Think about it. You have to stretch your money, so you’re watching it the whole time and vert conscious of what you’re doing. I would use free slots to “get in my zone” for about 10 minutes before the real thing, but that’s about it. (and that’s only a mood elevator, incase my mind is off somewhere) Then I’m playing for keeps! Simple fact, I strategize better and stretch my money better when I’m playing for keeps. free slots will make you aimless and stupid if you play them too long. “It’s pretend.” lol The main difference in playing for free, and playing for real, is you can’t keep anything when you play free slots. There are no bonuses, no points, and no money. Just lights, and valuable time lost. Meanwhile, someone else just threw down $100, and hit $2500. I can’t get into it. Now, if you’re broke, free slots are a great way to pass the time. But if you want to get that roar in your feelings when you really win, free slots are just kids play.